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Virage2 is a 16K EEPROM bank located inside the SoC that can only be read in secure mode (mapped at 0xBFCA0000).

Offset Size Description Note
0x00 0x14 skHash Secure Kernel hash
0x14 0x40 romPatch ROM patch bitmap (4 x 0x10)
0x54 0x40 publicKey Per-console ECC public key
0x94 0x04 bbId Per-console ID
0x98 0x20 privateKey Per-console ECC private key
0xB8 0x10 bootAppKey Common key
0xC8 0x10 recryptListKey Per-console key
0xD8 0x10 appStateKey Per-console key
0xE8 0x10 selfMsgKey Per-console key
0xF8 0x04 csumAdjust Per-console checksum adjustment
0xFC 0x04 jtagEnable JTAG status field