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Video Cable Pinout


S-video is available on the port. The controller uses the same common N64 controller pinout, so you can plug in a real N64 controller but you need to power it from an external source.

Pin N. Description
1 Controller # 3 input
2 Y (S-Video)
3 GND (Video)
4 GND (Audio)
5 Audio L
7 USB Data +
8 Power input +
9 Power input +
10 Power input -
11 Power input -
12 USB Data -
13 GND (Audio)
14 Audio R
15 Video Composite
16 C (S-Video)
17 Controller # 2 input
18 Controller # 4 input

S-Video Signal

Cable multi.jpg

The multiplayer box is passing-through the S-video signal, but unfortunately the cable that goes between the iQue and that box does not pass the S-Video signal, so to use the multiplayer box with s-video you would need to modify that cable.

Information retrieved here.