Star Fox 64

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Star Fox 64
Poster 41011.jpg
Chinese title 星际火狐
ISBN 7-900381-09-0
Content ID 41011
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date November 17, 2003
Genre Shooting
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Game version(s) 4101104, 4101105
Manual version(s) 4101902, 4101904
Game Size 46 Blocks, 11,829,248 Bytes (11.2 MiB)
Manual Size 1 Block, 229,376 Bytes
(224 KiB)

Star Fox 64 (Chinese name: 星际火狐, literally "Interstellar Fire Fox") was released on the iQue Player on November 17, 2003.

It was one of the console's launch titles, and a demo version of the game was included with every iQue Player console.

iQue@Home description

Newer version



English translation:

Fly the newest and coolest space fighter, and zoom through the great galaxies. You are a member of the universe's most eite Star Fox team! The magnificent space battles, the rich and exciting Chinese dubs, the touching stories between teammates, and the ups and downs of the plot creates this work of excellence that will never make you bored! It's no surprise that this shooting game won the dual platinum sales.

Older version




English translation:

A mad scientist wants to destroy the Lylat system! An unprecedented crisis is on the verge!

Now, you are the young new captain--Fox McCloud. Hurry and fly the newest Arwing fighter with your loyal pals, and crush Andross's evil scheme among the risky realm of intergalactical space!




English translation:

International dual platinum sales masterpiece


This is the only iQue Player game to have full Mandarin dub.


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