Paper Mario

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Paper Mario
Poster 21021.jpg
Chinese title 纸片马力欧
ISBN 7-900381-30-9
Content ID 21021
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date June 8, 2004
Genre RPG
Mode(s) Single player
Game version(s) 2102104
Manual version(s) 2102902, 2102904
Game Size 160 Blocks, 41,943,040 Bytes (40.0 MiB)
Manual Size 2 Blocks, 425,984 Bytes
(416 KiB)

Paper Mario (Chinese name: 纸片马力欧) was released on the iQue Player on June 8, 2004.

iQue@Home description

Newer version




English translation:

What will Mario be like when he turns into a piece of paper? What kind of adventures await him?

To crush Bowser's evil plans, Mario starts a wonderful journey through out the Mushroom Kingdom, battles all kinds of enemies, cleverly rescue the Star Spirits held up in 7 different places, and finally, beat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach. The Mushroom will finally return to its peace and happiness.

Older version



English translation:

The evil Bowser robbed the Star Rod, and started a scheme to conquer the world with its magical powers! What should our Mario do? The original 2D origami designs + 3D game stages, as well as the fun turn-based RPG battle mode, makes up this pure world of paper.




English translation:

Best RPG game rated by IGN.COM of USA


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