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A disassembled iQue Card.

The iQue Card (Chinese: 神游卡) is a removable memory card of the iQue Player, used to store games and the "Upgradeable Operating System". It is located on the bottom of every unit.

The iQue Card is housed in a plastic shell, which contains a Samsung K9F1208U0M-YCB0 NAND chip on a special PCB codenamed "DOOKIE". The contents of the NAND are documented on the NAND page.

Datasheet: [1]


The DOOKIE board is very basic, and it contains the NAND flash, a few capacitors, and an edge connector to connect with an iQue Player. The connector has a 1.1mm pitch and seems to be custom made. No other commonly-available connector appears to fit in it except the MicroSD.


In the 4Q 2021 attempts have been made to Clone the iQue Card "Dookie" with success. The iQue Card uses 100nF capacitors on all 6 Placements. The "Upgradeable Operating System" hints that it supports the chips: Samsung K9F1208U0M (64M), Samsung K9K1G08U0M (128M), Toshiba TC58512FT (64M)(untested) and ST NAND512-A (128M, 256M, 512M, 1G)(all untested).

The clone PCB's used during testings of K9F1208U0M (64M) and K9K1G08UOM (128M) have been made by HDR.

PCB Files:


Pin numbers for the iQue Card.
Pin # Name Function
1 GND Power
2 /WP Write Protect
3 /WE Write Enable
4 ALE Address Latch Enable
5 CLE Command Latch Enable
6 VCC Power (3.3v)
7 /CE Chip Enable
8 /RE Read Enable
9 R/B Read/Busy
10 N/C Not Connected
11 N/C Not Connected
12 IO7 Data Input/Output 7
13 IO6 Data Input/Output 6
14 IO5 Data Input/Output 5
15 IO4 Data Input/Output 4
16 GND Power
17 VCC Power (3.3v)
18 IO3 Data Input/Output 3
19 IO2 Data Input/Output 2
20 IO1 Data Input/Output 1
21 IO0 Data Input/Output 0
22 GND Power