F-Zero X

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F-Zero X
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Chinese title F-Zero X 未来赛车
ISBN 7-900381-10-4
Content ID 52021
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date February 25, 2004
Genre Racing
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Game version(s) 5202103
Manual version(s) 5202902, 5202904
Game Size 63 Blocks, 16,334,848 Bytes (15.5 MiB)
Manual Size 2 Blocks, 294,912 Bytes
(288 KiB)

F-Zero X (Chinese name: F-Zero X 未来赛车 , literally "F-Zero X Future Racing") was released on the iQue Player on February 25, 2004.

iQue@Home description

Newer version




English translation:

In the distant future, magnificent cities in the sky, race tracks hanging in the skies like rainbows, dazzling race cars, zooming at ultrasonic speed--this is future racing.

Racers from different planets, for their glory and dreams, are experiencing the pride of speed and challenge. The lights from the racers' jet engines are as bright as the sun and moon. Only the champion can rise to the tall podium, gazing upon the boundless starry sky like a hero.

Older version


2006年,人类步入宇宙时代,将原本属于陆地的极限运动也带上了星空,来自各个星球的30名地下赛手,驾驶着装备了G—扩散系统、时速超过1000KM/H的F-Zero赛车,为获得急速 王者的至高荣誉而展开争夺!

English translation:

In 2006, mankind will enter the space era, bringing the once ground-bounded extreme sports up to the starry skies; 30 underground racers from different planets, driving in their G-Diffuser System-equipped F-Zero racers at 1000 km/h, starts their battle for the supreme honor of the king of speed!




English translation:

Best racing game rated by IGN.COM of USA


The game is internally called "F_ZEROX未来赛车", using full-width English letters instead of regular half-width ones.


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