Excitebike 64

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Excitebike 64
Poster 51021.jpg
Chinese title 越野摩托
ISBN 7-900381-62-7
025-2004-017 [2005]065号
Content ID 51021
Developer(s) Left Field Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date June 15, 2005
Genre Sports
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Game version(s) 5102108
Manual version(s) 5102902
Game Size 62 Blocks, 16,072,704 Bytes (15.3 MiB)
Manual Size 1 Block, 262,144 Bytes
(256 KiB)

Excitebike 64 (Chinese name: 越野摩托, literally "Off-road Motorcycling") was released on the iQue Player on June 15, 2005.

iQue@Home description

Newer version




English translation:

Buckle your helmet and hold on to the handlebars; every time the wheels leave the ground and you leap high into the air, clapping and cheering accompany the flying dust...

This is a game for the brave, as it challenges the rider's confidence and technique from all aspects; the game as a powerful multi-angle replay feature, and the best way to become a top-notch professional rider is through learning from competition recordings.

Older version



English translation:

Excitebike is not just an ultra-realistic extreme sport simulator, but also an excellent introductory material for the professional sport. Plus, with comfortable controls and high-quality audiovisual effects, this games becomes a near-perfect racing masterpiece.


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