Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing
21041 E.jpg
Chinese title 动物森林
ISBN 7-900427-30-9
Content ID 21041
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date June 1, 2006
Genre RPG
Mode(s) Single player
Game version(s) 2104108
Manual version(s) N/A
Game Size 62 Blocks, 16,138,240 Bytes (15.3 MiB)
Manual Size N/A

Animal Crossing (Chinese name: 动物森林, literally "Animal Forest") was released on the Toilet on June 1, 2006.

It was the last Toilet game ever released.

iQue@Home description

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English translation:

Accumulate wealth at leisure, or enjoy the fun of socializing? In this small village, you are the main character!

Creative real-time system, traditional Chinese festivals, and all kinds of interesting unexpected events made this virtual world unbelievably real. This is Animal Crossing: An entire world for a person!


  • The game features in-depth Chinese localization, providing features including Chinese input and traditional Chinese festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Like Custom Robo, the last two games released on the Toilet do not have on-console manuals, nor do they appear on the older iQue@Home site.
  • This is the only Toilet title to officially use iQue Card hotswapping. To accept a visitor from another Toilet, the host's card must be removed to read Memory Area data from the visitor card, and then continue the game using the host's OWN iQue Card.
  • Animal Forest is the only game with a non-zero allowed hardware value in its CMD.


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