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A ticket is used to store data about an associated app and per-console information, such as encryption keys and whether or not the app is time-limited.


A ticket (BbTicket) consists of two parts: the content metadata for the app, and a ticket head (BbTicketHead).

Offset Length Type Description Information
0x00 0x29AC - CMD Content metadata for the associated app
0x29AC 0x04 uint32 bbId ID of the console this ticket is for
0x29B0 0x02 uint16 tid ticket ID; if bit 15 is set, then it is a trial ticket
0x29B2 0x02 uint16 code What type of trial limitation: 0 or 2 = time, 1 = number of launches
0x29B4 0x02 uint16 limit number of minutes, or number of launches, before limit is reached
0x29B6 0x02 uint16 reserved padding
0x29B8 0x04 uint32 tsCrlVersion ticket_crl_version
0x29BC 0x10 uint8[16] cmdIv titlekey_iv; IV used to re-encrypt title key (with ECDH key)
0x29CC 0x40 uint8[64] serverKey ECC public key used with console's ECC private key to derive unique title key encryption key via ECDH
0x2A0C 0x40 uint8[64] issuer Certificate used to sign the ticket
0x2A4C 0x100 uint8[256] ticketSign RSA-2048 signature over all of the above and the CMD