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Secure Kernel calls

All secure kernel calls return a s32 error code in $v0. 0 means success, below zero means error.

Id Name In
0x0 skcGetBBID $a0=u32* out_bbid
0x1 skcPrepareCMDAndTik  ???
0x2 skcStartContent $a0=address where decrypted content has been loaded
0x3 skcVerifyRecryptSys $a0=address of recrypt.sys contents
0x4  ???  ???
0x5  ???  ???
0x6  ???  ???
0x7  ???  ???
0x8 skcECCSignSHA1Hash $a0=u8* sha1hash, $a1=u8* out_signature
0x9 skcVerifySignature $a0=u8* sha1hash, $a1=u8* signature, $a2=certificate** certificate_chain, $a3=crl** crls?
0xA  ???  ???
0xB  ???  ???
0xC  ???  ???
0xD skcReboot void
0xE skcKeepAlive void