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Front side of the iQue Ticket.

The iQue Ticket (Chinese: 神游票) is a plastic prepaid card used to buy iQue Player games. Each iQue Ticket was sold at a MSRP of 48 RMB, and can only be used to redeem one game directly. There is no "funds", "balance" or "points" system within the iQue@Home store.

The backside of the iQue Ticket has scratchable part which reveals a bar code with 26 digits below when scratched open.

To purchase a game, a user must swipe the iQue Ticket (on the depot system) or enter the 26 digit codes (on iQue@Home).


The text "2003 J-1" is the version number of the iQue Ticket. iQue mentioned that each batch of iQue Tickets will have a different version number, however, no other versions have existed besides "2003 J-1".

All "2003 J-1" iQue Tickets were supposed to expire on January 1, 2005, as written on the back of the Ticket. However, the Tickets were still valid on December 30, 2016, the last service day of iQue Player's purchase server. It is possible that iQue lifted or never imposed the expiration date due to poor sales.