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Custom registers.

Address Size Description Note
0xA4300010 4
0xA4300014 4? Reading from the address within game code causes an exception; SK exception handler checks this address as well, and makes some decisions based on the value
0xA4300030 4?
0xA4300038 4?
0xA430003C 4?
0xA4400000 4?
0xA4500008 4?
0xA4600010 4?
0xA4600014 4?
0xA4600018 4?
0xA460001C 4?
0xA4600020 4?
0xA4600024 4?
0xA4600028 4?
0xA460002C 4?
0xA4600030 4?
0xA4600040 4?
0xA4600044 4?
0xA4600048 4? Many times used for read/write actions. (card data access register???)
0xA4600050 4?
0xA4600054 4?
0xA4600060 4 StatusField This register is used for RTC, error led and other things... (probably status register?, made-up name)
0xA4600070 4?
0xA4610000 4?
0xA4610200 4?
0xA4610420 176 PI_AES_EXPANDED_KEY AES-128 expanded key for hardware AES engine
0xA46104D0 16 PI_AES_IV AES-128-CBC initialisation vector for hardware AES engine
0xA4610500 4
0xA4610504 4? atb? (virtual address?)
0xA46E0400 4? or 2? rdb?
0xA4940010 4?
0xA4A40010 4?


Bit(s) Description
 ?-15 Box Id
27 Power (on and off)
28 RTC related?
29 Unknown bit
30 Error led
31 Power (only on)


The iQue Player has a custom RTC functionality. The Nintendo 64 doesn't have a RTC, except the Nintendo 64 version of Animal Crossing which uses a special custom RTC chip instead of a built-in RTC. The RTC functionality is heavly used in the game Animal Crossing. The RTC can be accessed through 0xA4600060. (unknown how)