Dr. Mario 64

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Dr.Mario 64
Poster 61011.jpg
Chinese title 马力欧医生
ISBN 7-900381-04-X
Content ID 61011
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date November 17, 2003
Genre Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Game version(s) 6101104
Manual version(s) 6101902, 6101904
Game Size 13 Blocks, 3,358,720 Bytes
(3.20 MiB)
Manual Size 2 Blocks, 393,216 Bytes
(384 KiB)

Dr. Mario 64 (Chinese name: 马力欧医生, literally "Dr. Mario") is one of the iQue Player's launch titles, released on November 17, 2003.

This game is the only full game preloaded on every iQue Player unit. A physical instruction booklet for the game also came with every unit.

iQue@Home description

Newer version



English translation:

This is a very intense puzzle game, simple yet not dull. You need to wipe out clusters of viruses with different colored pills by arranging the colored pills next to viruses with the same color. If four units of the same color are adjacent to each other, the viruses will be wiped out. If the army of viruses resisted your attack, your area will be filled with pills, and of course, you lose the battle.

Older version



English translation:

The king representative of puzzle games worldwide, simple rules yet endless possibilities, suitable for ages 8 to 80! Countless ways of playing the game will bring fun to the whole family for an entire day.




English translation:

Designated games for community competitions in Japan and America


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